DXN Marketing Plan from Starting

                           BECOME A NEW DXN MEMBER

  1. visit DXN SERVICE CENTER near you and ask our DXN Office Teller/Staff about DXN APPLICATION MEMBERSHIP FORM and get one.

  2. Write your personal information data at member form like, NAME, BIRTH DATE, E-MAIL, MOBILE NUMBER,NATIONALITY,ID/PASSPORT NUMBER,ETC.

  3. Below of member form write down the SPONSOR CODE and SPONSOR NAME,
    >>>>My Sponsor data: Sponsor Code: 144211285
    >>>>>>>Sponsor Name: DIPESH KUMAR KUSHWAHA

  4. Review the form and submit your member form to DXN teller/staff & pay your DXN Membership Package that you choose DXN PRODUCTS OF 100 P.V.

  5. Once you already registered and have new membership code number kindly YOU CAN USE your NEW DXN Membership ID. code number FOR PURCHASE DXN PRODUCTS AND FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT send via viber/whatsapp number: +977-9861742966 / +966500884781 or send via FaceBook.

  6. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rautahatdxn


  • No demotion of Status.

  • Entitled to development bonus event though your down line is at higher status than you with the condition that you maintain 100 P.V. From Saudi Dammam,

  • “One World One Market” allows you to sponsor international with a single membership code.

Simple and effective marketing plan enable you to reap higher profits.


Once you start using the products as a JOIN on the DXN, the P.V will be added to your account and your status will increase.
When you enter> 100pv = 6%
Accumulating like this> 300pv = 9%
Similarly accumulating> 1000 pv = 12%
Accumulating likewise> 2000pv = 15%
Accumulating like this> 3250pv = 18%
Star Agent> 4500pv = 21%
After reaching 4500pv, 21% you will get a bonus and the rank will be Star Agent.
To get from 21% to 25%, the account must reach 300pv, so Star Agent Qualified gets a 25% bonus. If 300pv is not reached, 21% you will be found.
GPV 200pv + PPV100pv = 300pv
QSA = 25% you will be found
Star Agent Group Bonus will get 6% -21%
In the same way as the beans shown to the Star Agent, like your beans on the business side, then your status will change again!
4500pv = 1-Star Agent = 27%
4500pv = 2-Star Agent = 29%
4500pv = 3-Star Agent = 31%
You get a bonus from Star Ruby> 31%
+ 1 incentive bonus
If the 3 Star Agent’s reached 4500 above, 4500 has been added to the account and if it is 4500pv + 1500pv = 6000pv
Take you to DXN Company
For Mobile Use
income = SAR gives 850✓!
And this is an opportunity for all DXN lovers from Star Agent to DXN System TSIP. You can visit different countries for free which are targeted every year in your account to complete TSIP Point at that point within one year. Must happen !! 2
4500pv = 4-Star Agent = 33%
4500pv = 5-Star Agent = 35%
4500pv = 6-Star Agent = 37%
Your status after reaching 6 level agents from different line
Star Daimoand gets you bonus eating systems
Star Group Bonus 25% -37%
Development Bonus 15%
International Profit Sharing 2% Leadership Bonus 15%
Travel Seminar Incentive 2%
Totally Bonus income 71% !!
DXN international Cumpany Ledars
One World One Market One Concept
Now from above the system which you have made to Diamond to beam as well as your star to be your partner or to your own group from different line up to become Diamond.
ESD✓ 1-Star Diamond
SSD✓ 2-Star Diamond
ESSD✓ 3-Star Diamond
DD✓ 4-Star Diamond
EDD✓ 5-Star Diamond
TD✓ 6-Star Diamond
ETD✓ 7-Star Diamond
GD✓ 8-Star Diamond
EGD✓ 9-Star Diamond
CD✓ 10-Star Diamond
ECD✓ 11-Star Diamond
SCD✓ 12-Star Diamond
ESCD✓ 13-Star Diamond
DCD✓ 14-Star Diamond
EDCD✓ 15-Star Diamond
TCD✓ 16-Star Diamond
ETCD✓ 17-Star Diamond
GCD✓ 18-Star Diamond
EGCD✓ 19-Star Diamond
CA✓ 20-Star Diamond
Becoming a CA, you get to the last post of the DXN System.
✓✓✓Best of luck✓✓✓
Contact number IMO, WHATSAPP + 977-9861742966, + 96-6500884781


  • Low maintenance. Only need to maintain the minimum PV.

  • The higher the status, the higher the freedom (independence).

What Do I Get When I Buy The Membership?

By paying the membership fee, you get a promotional business kit which contains the following:

  • DXN Executive Kit – Company profile.

  • DXN Member I.D. Card.

  • Colorful product leaflets with complete details about each product.

  • Illustrative marketing plan

  • 5 DXN Products with 100 Points Value. These products are healthy and equally beneficial for
    you and your family members.